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Robert Wigg 

Founder and CEO

Commercial solutions for Energy and Resource Management

Robert is the Founder and CEO of Sustainable Energy Research Consortium, providing renewable Energy platforms for Industry and Agricultural markets, combining our Circular Economy methods for Sustainable Energy output and resilience.

Robert’s background is strongly bound in electrical and mechanical engineering and progressive renewable energy systems, this has provided him with a far wider view on the Energy market and initiated a turning point with the adoption of evolving & disruptive technologies to tap into a number of energy resources within the S.E.R.C. business models. 

Combining Sustainable technologies to create turnkey solutions to local, national and global Energy issues.

Stephen Guy-Clarke

Founding Partner & Technology Director

Based in Ipswich UK, Stephen is an innovation to commercialisation specialist working with passionate companies and people to build revenue and joint ventures. His experience in working with renewable energy, green technology and engineering started ten years ago as Co-Founder of the Slingshot Partnership which included projects such as the engineering and business case for Bio algal fuels with Cranfield University.


In addition to investing and developing new technologies and markets, Stephen has been a successful innovation consultant to numerous companies throughout East Anglia at his time with Pera Technology by providing commercial advice, funding and introduction to specialist support.

Stephen has been a keen advocate and supporter for several years of the S.E.R.C. circular economy model, in particular bringing with him key contacts and technologies to support Robert's vision and his team.

Alastair Wagg


Founding Partner & Agri-tech Director

Based in Norfolk, Alastair has been associated with farming for over 35 years and has a firm understanding of the requirements and complexities necessary for managing a successful farming business.  He is the key to encouraging farmers to change the way they view their business by working with S.E.R.C. to create sustainable energy through forward thinking farming.

Alastair’s strong commitment to farming and the need to ensure ecological farming going forward has extended his knowledge to Aeroponic Systems, Advanced Pyrolysis, CHP Systems and in particular the immediate need for Sustainable Timber in the UK. 

Alastair has been involved in the growing of potatoes for over 25 years which has given him a firm understanding and knowledge of current land requirements and farming perception, as well as, an extensive list of contacts across the country throughout the farming industry.

Daryl Bowden

Founding Partner & Investment Director

Daryl has been an Equity business and technology lead for the past three decades; consistently building highly rated and profitable teams in equities. Daryl is a futurist and strongly believes in a digital future where technology enhances human behaviour. Daryl has spent two decades getting a meaningful education not only in markets but in leading edge technologies from experts in their fields. He has invested heavily in Glia Ecosystems a software platform intertwined with an augmented intelligence platform combined with best in class advisors and domain specific partners.

Daryl is a keen advocate of S.E.R.C and its unique approach to energy and food security within a circular economy that puts analytics and best practice at the heart of its sustainability ethos.

Ian Perry

Founding Partner & Operational Finance Director

Ian trained in various engineering and manufacturing SMEs and spent 25 years as an accountant and finance director. The sectors he worked in over the years was diverse and included malting, shipping, an oil company, speaker manufacture, plastic injection moulding, protective clothing manufacture & car transporter design and manufacture. He has run his own business since 2000.

Ian is well placed to understand what it takes to run businesses at an operational level, and the issues that owners face on a daily basis. His focus is to ensure all levels of management understand what operational drivers generate the profit and cash for the business. Having been there and done it at the highest level, Ian is in a position to understand the challenges business owners face, and has developed a track record of adding value to companies, improving their profitability and financial stability, as well as achieving consistent growth.

Ian is an accredited mentor and Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and is an accredited advisor for the ibd Business Advice Group. He is a member of the Association of Business Mentors (ABM), championing excellence and raising the standards of Business Mentoring. He is also on the Institute Of Directors Policy Vote panel giving their policy unit views from the operational side of businesses.

Simon Hollier


Founding Partner & Project Development Director

Simon is a seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in commercial finance, manufacturing, project management and services within the built environment. He is the founder of a number of property companies established for commercial maintenance, providing private landlords & estate agents with professional property services within London and surrounding environs. 

Simon lives in rural Norfolk and is an avid supporter of S.E.R.C. and its environmental & societal impact through commercial circular economic projects 

Dr David Lapham 

S.E.R.C. Advisor

BSc (Hons) 1st Chemistry University of Cardiff. Doctor of Philosophy PhD (University of Bristol) Organic Chemistry. Reader (University College London).

Dr. David Lapham was a university lecturer / researcher before he moved into industry and has many patents to his name. His time in industry has been marked by many successes across many areas from Nano technology to natural product formulations and includes expertise in chemistry, physics, polymer science, metallurgy, production engineering and advanced materials. David is a scientific adviser to S.E.R.C.

Michael Wadham

Timber Project Adviser

From the start Michael was destined for a career in agribusiness, studying geography, biology and economics at school before going on to achieve a 2(1) degree in plant biology at the University of Wales.

Moving to Aberystwyth he took a master’s degree in agriculture. From there he took on a role in sales with ICI Plant Protection, working with product distributors and giving advice to farmers. He then migrated his career to key account management in the field of agri-biotechnology and worked for the Danish company Novo Enzymes, using enzymes to process many agricultural crops for use in the food industry.

Moving to Switzerland Michael worked at the headquarters of Syngenta, the global Anglo-Swiss agribusiness. There he worked as an internal project manager for the corporate HR function.

Michael’s ultimate goal is however, to marry his background in agriculture, forestry, ecology and finance and write the ‘natural capital’ element of integrated reports. His current work with S.E.R.C, as their Timber project adviser, dovetails nicely with his career progression.


Andrew Gottschalk

Negotiation Adviser to S.E.R.C.

Andrew is a highly focused professional negotiator, consultant and coach who combines a no-nonsense strategic approach with a practical vision and realization of what is needed to secure an agreement that creates and retains the flexibility to conclude a subsequent transaction.


As a negotiating consultant, Andrew has worked in the energy sector, fast moving consumer products, financial services both banks & private equity, government and not-for-profit organisations, labour relations and collective bargaining, manufacturing (for example aerospace, electrical engineering & motor vehicles) pharmaceuticals and life sciences, retail and wholesale distribution telecommunications manufacturing & services.


A bilingual psychologist, Andrew has written extensively on negotiating.

Andrew has spent twelve years on the Faculty of London Business School, founded Negotiating disciplines at INSEAD and visiting professorships in Argentina, France, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.

Shaun Wright 

Arboriculture Engineer 

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