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Timber Plantation - Research & Development 

Primary research plantation for Timber modelling, providing data & analytics for Sustainable Timber in the U.K. market. Environmental monitoring systems utilised for soil composition and nutrient uptake, weather patterns and associated growth analytics.

Timber Plantation - Soil Remediation 

Following extensive land preparation and removal of debris from this particular site, soil samples taken across the area were verified and initial planting for Timber rotation was achieved in July 2017. 

Sustainable Wood Fuels 

S.E.R.C. Biofuels are developing Sustainable wood fuels for the U.K. market, utilising short rotation crops providing higher yields and managed rotations under our Stewardship programs. 

Biodiversity Program 

Our Ecology & Biodiversity programs are centred on providing Habitats and natural corridors for Wildlife, whilst creating our Biofuels and Timber products & working in sequence with soil remediation within low yielding farm land. 

Agricultural  - Food Security - Vertical Farming 

Food security and the application of supplying abundant and sustainable food to the general populous is of great concern. Utilising technical advantages in the sales and market requirements for nutritious well balanced fruit, vegetables and herbs from vertical Farming systems, not only provides secure and manageable crops, the return on investment is short in most cases, dependent on crop type and management style. Crops can be tailored to meet demand and provide resilience across a wide variety of above Organic status products. 


Resource to Energy Projects 

We are currently engaged upon a number of projects for Resource to Energy within East Anglia, providing circular economy methods for turnkey solutions to many of todays unmanageable outputs to landfill or incineration. Our Biofuel energy crops are being established to supply a number of commercial facilities for sustainability and Energy conservation.  


Biofuel Energy Projects 

Extensive research carried out upon our  facilities for Sustainable Biofuels from short rotation forestry, fast growing Hybrid hardwoods providing higher calorific values alongside regenerative rootstock for rotational harvesting. Drip irrigation systems utilised for managed uptake of nutrient & water profiling. 


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