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Sustainable Energy Research Consortium

Research and Development for S.E.R.C. Group activities is a continual process of which we are beyond our fifth year for some of our key technologies and commercial activities. Our business processes are linked to our core ethics strategies in order to provide a secure and profitable business model. Extensive development with supply chains, local authorities and Government bodies for the U.K. and overseas operations delivers versatility to our practices. 

Particular attention is placed upon the evolution of each sector to ensure our facilities and operations adapt with changes to legislation and policy, within the sustainable energy market, for all our partners, investors and customers. Design and feasibility studies are being undertaken for a number of key objectives within our Energy portfolio, these are ongoing committals to ensure viability of each operation and its actions. Our key members and associates under the S.E.R.C. Group have been carefully selected for their individual proficiencies within our operations, more importantly their support within the given projects and continued unified and shared values to develop a Sustainable & profitable organisation 


Following a strict ethical and ecological code is core to the delivery of all S.E.R.C. Group business processes 

To provide renewable energy platforms for industry and Agriculture, combining circular economy methods for Sustainable Energy output and resilience 

To guarantee and balance the rights and interests of all stakeholders involved, not only our employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers, and business chains, but society at large

Seeking opportunities to utilise all projects for regional regeneration of unused land 

Combine Sustainable technologies to create a full turnkey solution to local, National & Global Energy issues

Project management of Timber Crops creating investment opportunities for land owners 

Strategic Partnerships are being established with Government bodies and County wide Council sectors, for Resource Recovery activities, in the pursuit of Energy Conservation & Management 

Our activities incorporate Sustainable solutions to many of todays traditional waste practices, incorporating lucrative alternatives and energy production

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