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Environmental Impact

landfill sites across many parts of the U.K. are nearing the tipping point for capacity, the cost of burying our Resource is out of balance and the Environmental impact of literally storing large volumes of mixed Resource because we historically used this practise, is no longer acceptable when we have the fundamental technology and turnkey solutions to eradicate landfill and utilise all parts of our Resource stream for Decentralised Energy production & Embedded Generation back to our National Grid. 

Technology Deployment    Utilising turnkey Resource Recovery practices to remediate landfill areas, in turn utilising valuable energy deposits for future release alongside mixed refuse and key energy sources to increase the calorific value for dependable gas outputs.    



Renewable Energy Storage

Remodelling the way we store energy across the electrical network with on demand technologies such as large scale Battery Storage, Solar Parks, Wind Generation and Anaerobic Digestion supplying quantifiable Energy outputs for Grid support. These variable systems are there for stability within the network and require complex logistical monitoring and activation across the Networks.

Smart farming with IoT,Growing corn seed

Agri Informatics 

Urban Gardening
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