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S.E.R.C. Group - Circular Economy 

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting utilises carbon credits to enable businesses to compensate for their Co2 emissions, specifically designed to meet their carbon reduction goals and support the move to a low carbon economy. Businesses therefore compensate for their environmental impact in order to meet increasing stakeholder pressure whilst demonstrating leadership, differentiate from competitors and engage internal & external stakeholders in their actions. Carbon offset programs are validated and stringent verification processes are adhered too for compliance, in turn these programs support  renewable Energy, forestry and resource conservation projects which reduce greenhouse gases 

Sustainable Homes created from our Timber plantations, recyclable and energy efficient

Embedded Generation:                             

Energy security through resilient power networks are a crucial step in securing our overall generation . Applying embedded generation through cost - effective projects and management alongside reductions in Carbon footprint for businesses & organisations. A number of technologies can be deployed for the Energy platforms, utilising varied feed stocks such as energy from waste and mixed timbers, Agricultural residues and mixed plastics. 

Biomass & CHP Systems:

S.E.R.C. provide Renewable Energy & Heat network platforms for Agricultural & Commercial sectors, our fuel contracts are designed to work in unison for the life of the technology, providing resilience and efficiencies with the use of our turnkey Biofuels and lower emissions. Our business models incorporate an array of Biomass fuels from our short rotation coppicing and inter crop planting. 

Circular Economy

The circular economy is a generic term for an industrial economy, producing zero waste and pollution, by its design or intention, and in which material flows are of two types, biological nutrients, designed to re-enter the biosphere safely, and technical nutrients, which are designed to circulate at high quality in the production system, without entering the biosphere as well being restorative and regenerative by design

Mixed plastics recycling for Energy 

Househould Green Resource 

"We can make a change"

Industrial and Agricultural activities create a number of output Resources currently unmanageable by the majority of waste authorities. Their destination ends in either landfill or incineration of which both pose risks to the wider environment. S.E.R.C. provide solutions and alternatives to many of these untapped operations, Our use of these Resources within a circular economy, provide unique platforms to market the output fuels and Energy previously locked into traditional land fill activities.


shredded plastic Resource ready for further processing 

focus shift to a knowledge based low carbon economy, breaking our reliance upon traditional fossil fuels 

Decentralised Energy Networks:                 Our commercial solutions for energy and Resource management, extend to a variety of scalable renewable technologies & infrastructure. District heating and Esco models provide long term portfolios with fuel contracts to individuals & business owners, with the inclusion of Pyrolysis, Anaerobic Digestion and a number of additional symbiotic technologies, our full turnkey modelling creates a lucrative return on investment and heating - power contracts

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